Now you really don’t want to miss these guys, they are true professionals in every sense of the word and they live and breathe the blues!

The Surrey Blues Club

A hugely entertaining album that has great energy and a feel-good factor, something akin to seeing the Sheiks live. These guys give 110% all the time and deserve great credit for the courage to put an album together in this format.

If you have not heard of The Voodoo Sheiks before I urge you to experiment with this fine offering and catch them live first chance you get!

Nigel Foster - Blues In Britain

Adrian Blacklee - Blues Matters Magazine

Following on from last year’s gracious Borrowed & New, The Voodoo Sheiks’ latest album Voodification not only celebrates the sheer beauty of the continued mix of Blues Rock that the previous album gave out in waves but also the intrigue that the band place before their fans in the new album. It is the dichotomy of the musical soul, the chance to stay lauded where you have previously laid the lyrics and testament of the well placed guitar note or move on, take yet another stride towards a kind of permanent place in the pantheon before them. Click here to read the full review...

Liverpool Sound and Vision

'Borrowed & New' is riffy, funky & dynamic!

Maverick Magazine

The Voodoo Sheiks roared out of the blocks with some searing hot licks from guitarist Adrian Thomas and front man Slowblow Dave matched it with a hard edge vocal and some cutting harmonica breaks!

Blues In Britain

A great, well played lively album 'Borrowed & New' is all good stuff!

Lancashire Blues Archive

This blast of good old British Rhythm & Blues will blow away the cobwebs and keep the toes tapping.

Marsh Towers